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Applause buys, builds, and bundles iOS apps in niche verticals. We give developers cash exits and a product-first home for their apps.

You spent years building your app. But maybe you have new projects, your growth is slowing, or you're just burnt out.

You'd like to find a buyer. But who?

Your options aren't great. Most buyers have no iOS experience, offer lowball prices, and sell user data.

Transparency is low.

We've been there. As indie devs, we've built and sold our own apps. We know the process is broken.

But it doesn't have to be.

At Applause, we've designed a process to sell your app that is fast, simple, and transparent.

We guarantee 30 days from offer to exit.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of the iOS indie app ecosystem.

We offer developers cash exits, peace of mind, and a round of applause.

Our ideal partners look like this




4+ Stars


3+ Years


1-10 Employees


80%+ Organic


Niche Verticals

Our partners love us

"I loved working with Applause. Their sale process is as fast and simple as they say, and their iOS expertise is hard to beat [...] I wouldn't want to sell to anyone else."

- Recent Seller



We'll review App Store Connect and ask a few questions. It takes less than a week.



We offer both cash and earnout options. Unlike other buyers, our offer terms are short, sweet, and standardized.



The payment and transfer only takes a few minutes. That's it. Off to the beach.

Our Process

Three easy steps to sell your app. 30 days from signing an offer to the cash in your bank.


Why work with us?

Private Equity

Big pockets with no iOS devs and a complex process

Complex deal terms

Limited iOS experience

Last-minute re-negotiation

A bunch of b-school grads


Indie developers who have been in your shoes before

Simple and standard terms

30 days from start to finish

Developer and product-first

Committed to transparency


A long preparation process without a guaranteed sale

15-20% fee for buyer intros

Process takes 4-6+ months

Talking to unqualified buyers

Few app-focused brokers

Contact us for a free valuation

We provide a valuation estimate within one week. You don't have to be interested in selling. We'll also share tips to increase your app's value, make intros to others in the industry, and invite you to exclusive events.

You may be surprised by how much your app is worth.

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