Our Story

Our team has been in the iOS App Store since the start. As engineers at category-defining apps like Tinder and Venmo, and investors in countless more, we've had front row seats for the App Store's remarkable growth since 2008. Along the way, we've branched out into building and buying our own apps as indie developers.

Sometimes we sold our apps, but we quickly learned that selling was an inefficient and broken process. Finding a buyer was hard, and brokers were expensive. It was also frustrating to watch as the user experience degraded in the hands of owners who lacked iOS development experience.

At the same time, we found that we enjoyed the process of scaling apps from 1 to n. While building a new app was fun, we found it even more exciting to build processes that could scale already-outstanding products. We also knew some developers who felt the opposite way—they were bored of making small tweaks and wanted to build from scratch again. Many let their apps slowly decline while in "maintenance mode."

After years as mobile app builders and investors, our team made its first foray into app acquisitions in 2020. Since then, we've evaluated hundreds of acquisitions and been involved with acquiring several category-defining niche apps. We absolutely love meeting great developers and hearing about the products that they've built.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of the iOS ecosystem by giving developers cash exits for their apps and confidence that their apps are in good hands with a product-first team. We've designed a developer-friendly sale process that is fast, simple, and transparent. We aspire to be the kind of buyers that we wish we had when we went through the sales process ourselves.

We appreciate what you've built. We give applause to the indie developers who are the lifeblood of the iOS ecosystem, building great products that improve the lives of millions worldwide. We're excited by the chance to continue scaling great indie apps, and by the chance to see what their creators built next.

If that sounds exciting to you, we'd love to chat: [email protected]

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